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Examples of Our Floor Plans, Which Help Sell Homes

Steel Tape Measuring creates accurate floor plans to help sell your listing.

It's a simple fact: Showing buyers floor plans sells homes. When buyers can see the exact layout of a home they can narrow their search to those homes that truely fit their needs; they find the house they want more quickly, and you pick up the sale!

Each home is drawn in the way that maximizes the views. Here you can see examples of floor plans (in PDF format) that are presented in landscape and portrait views. The orientation that best suits the property will be used for each customer.

Floorplans are drawn to 1/2" accuracy and meant for informational purpose, not construction purpose. Some details may be missing but we strive to include as much as possible on a drawing this size.

Look at these examples and think about how they could help you sell a home!

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These examples, like the floor plans we provide to our customers, are in PDF format, which is readable by using Adobe Acrobat Reader®. This software allows you to view and print the sample plans, and is available FREE from the Adobe web site. If you do not currently have Acrobat Reader, you may download it by clicking on the image above.

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