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Accurate, detailed floor plan drawings

As a home buyer, it's difficult to decide which homes to visit based solely on one or two exterior photographs and a paragraph or two of text from a buyer's guide. Home buyers are busy people too, and don't want to waste time looking at homes that may not suit their needs. We'll agree, the exterior view of the house is certainly important - everyone appreciates a nice-looking house - but what the home offers on the inside is just as important! For instance, your customer will want to know:

  • What are the relationships between rooms? Is the dining room next to the kitchen? How far are the bathrooms from the bedrooms?
  • Will my existing furniture fit in its respective room, considering things like windows and doors?
  • Is the kitchen arranged so that the cooking experience is Zen-like, or will I constantly be walking back and forth between counters and appliances?
  • Where are the stairs? What about the laundry room?
  • How will pedestrian traffic flow through my house? Are there any dead ends?

Wouldn't it be great if home buyers could go to your web site or call your office and request a floor plan for the home they're interested in? You can do it with an electronic floor diagram from us!

When you hire us to accurately measure and create a floor plan in electronic format, you'll receive a detailed floor plan for each floor of the home. The plans are provided in PDF format, in either landscape or portrait view. The view that best maximizes the views of the property will be used. We can include screened-in porches, decks and patios when requested. See some examples of our work.

Why do we create floor plans in an Adobe Acrobat format? The reasons are numerous:

  • The Adobe PDF format is cross-platform compatible. That means that the floor plan will look and print the same when viewed or printed from a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer.
  • PDF's can be e-mailed to potential clients as a file attachment.
  • Realtors can link the PDF to a listing on their web sites.
  • The software used to render PDF's is a browser plug-in as well as a standalone program. Whether your customers view the floor plan on your web site or double-click on the file when received in an e-mail, they'll be able to view and print it.
  • The software needed to access the PDF is free to anyone who requests it.

To learn how you can use the floor plans drawn by us to help sell your house, please contact us by e-mail or use our online contact form.
To place an order, please use our online order form.

Our professionally measured square foot calculations are used to create detailed floor plans
Our professionally measured square foot calculations are used to create detailed floor plans
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